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RE7 - Not a Hero Professional Walkthrough

A step-by-step guide of Not a Hero on Professional difficulty.


After finishing Not a Hero for the first time, the Professional difficulty will be unlocked, offering a whole new experience. Not a Hero on Professional has different enemy spawns, different item and weapon locations, and all the enemies are stronger all around. Below is a step-by-step walkthrough for the Not a Hero Professional difficulty.

Not a Hero Professional Walkthrough

Before you begin your first attempt of Not a Hero on Professional, it is a very good idea to spend some time getting all the unlockable items in Not a Hero. These items will make it easier for you to avoid damage and save ammo.

In order to succeed in killing Lucas on Professional, you will need to practice good ammo conversation, know how to deflect and counterattack enemies, and be comfortable with enemy despawning manipulation. Though I’ll touch on them briefly below, we have a comprehensive guide on all the Antique Coin locations on Professional difficulty.

Getting to the Central Cavern

At the start of Not a Hero on Professional difficulty, you’ll spawn with only a knife – so the main goal is to avoid fighting unless absolutely necessary.

Take the time to practice on the first Molded – if you can’t get past it without taking damage, die and reset. Once the first Molded is dead, you can either kite the next three out of the way, kill one to make room, or try and run through.

Head up the stairs and collect the unlockable items from the Item Box, specifically: Thor’s Hammer Sight B, Easy Deflect, and Fast Walk.

After Lucas slaps the bomb on your wrist, head into the next room and grab the Neuro-stun Grenade off the table and kill the Molded. Run through the door to see your first White Molded. Wait for it to spawn, and deflect its attack. Go through the door then hug the left side of the corridor to easily avoid the Molded that spawns.

In the elevator room, you will need to deflect the attack of the Molded and then hit the button. Alternatively, try and avoid its attacks while you wait for the elevator.

Central Cavern

When you enter the Central Cavern, Molded will begin spawning. You can either fight them all at the same time, or exploit the roller doors to make the Molded disappear. To do this, open up a roller door and stand near it, take a small sidestep inside and watch the Molded disappear. You will need to ensure you don’t move so far inside that the roller door shuts. When the Molded despawn, you will be able to save – but be quick because they will respawn.

Ideally, once you save, destroying the Molded will keep the Central Cavern safe. A good way to do this is to kill a couple, use the roller door glitch to despawn them and create another save. This will ensure you don’t spend time killing a bunch of them, only to take some damage and have to do it all again.

There should be 3-4 Molded, 2-3 blade-arm Molded, and 2 four-legged Molded. Once these are dead, collect the items throughout the area, making sure to collect the Antique Coin, save your game and then continue on through the red roller door.

Red Roller Door – Mining Work Area

This is the make or break point of any Not a Hero Professional difficulty attempt, as you will need to fight through roughly nine Molded while also avoiding the giant Mama Molded. The best approach to this fight is to hide from the large Molded while systematically killing the normal Molded. To do this, head to the right side of the area near the tracks, and walk back and forth looking for Molded to kill. You can always return to the Central Cavern to save your progress at any point.

Try to kill four Molded, go and save, and then kill some more. Once all the Molded, except the Mama Molded, are killed, save your game and prepare for the next step, which is collecting the gear, crank, and getting the key.

You can safely collect the gear, but as soon as you reach the center area, the Mama Molded will charge you, regardless of whether it was anywhere near you. If it hits you, you’ll be knocked to the ground and sustain large amounts of damage, thankfully, you can deflect the charge by blocking right before it hits. When the Mama Molded staggers, collect the crank and the items, then reposition. Stun the Molded again, put the items into the crane, and depending on how much time you have, either stun the Molded again or use the crank.

Try not to stand too close to the Mama Molded when trying to bait out its charge attack, else it will just spew vomit at you.

Be sure to collect the grenade and the Med Injector before leaving. On your way back, pick up the High-Grade Filter, and then go back to the Central Cavern.

Green Roller Door – Storage Area

At this point in the Professional Not a Hero playthrough you will need to head into the Storage Area that is filled with poisonous gases. You should still only have your knife, and maybe a grenade or two. Ideally, you will want to use the deflect skill to kill the Molded that get in your way.

There won’t be any collectibles until after you’ve found the Night Vision upgrade and you’re heading to the Sewer and out of the Storage Area. Collect the RAMRODs, Med Injector, and the Night Vision, and prepare to leave the area.

Take the time to destroy all three crates around the chute into the Sewer. Once in the Sewer, the switch code remains the same: up, down, up.

Be careful when approaching the lift, as you will need to defend against the small jumping Molded. Kill the three in the hallway by blocking them, run into the room, activate the elevator, smash the box and grab the item. You will then want to stand with your back to the elevator and walk backward; this will let you enter as soon as the door opens while also being able to defend against the Molded.

Now that you’re up from the Sewer, you will need to escape the area. After you fight the white Molded, you will enter the machine gun-defended hallway. At the end of the hallway a fat Molded will attack you, block its attack and run past it, picking up the items in the corridor behind it.

At the next locked gate, two four-legged Molded will spawn on your right. If you get hit, simply select “Retry” and the checkpoint will drop you right before the locked gate. Toss a grenade around the corner to take them down without issue.

From this point, the safest way to proceed is to turn right and destroy the turrets by throwing a grenade down the hallway. We will return to this area later to retrieve the last few items.

Black Roller Door – Mine Cart Yard

Proceed through the black roller door into the Mine Cart Yard. When you reach the first mine cart, make sure the door to the previous area is open, push the cart, and then run back through the door as doing this will despawn the explosive Molded.

In the next area, you will need to move the carts around in order to clear the path, however, destroying the wooden barricade will summon another Molded. To avoid this, push a cart in front of the wooden barricade to stop the cart crashing through. Doing this means missing out on the Lockpick where the Molded spawns, so if you want the Lockpick, push the cart through the barricade and immediately sprint to the previous area and open the door. Continue running until the Molded disappears.

The room with the Clown Key is full of tripwire bombs, so take your time reaching the clown. There is a breakable crate in this room, but it is a Lucas trap, so don’t attack it.

Grab the key, and get ready to fight your way out. As soon as you take a step forward, a four-legged Molded will jump over the barrier to your left; let it jump toward you while you block to let the bomb kill it. Use the next couple of bombs to kill the four-legged Molded – they will run at you, so position a tripwire between you and them.

A white Molded will spawn at the door and make its slow pace toward you. The further into the room you let it get, the more time you will have to unlock the clown door outside. However, a four-legged Molded will spawn near the door, kill it quickly and unlock the door.

The following room contains a lot of lasers along with several jumping Molded. Here you will need to use the pistol for the first time in order to take out the Molded, because they will always jump into the lasers. Try to pre-aim on the location where they spawn so you can kill them quickly.

Rescue your soldier, grab the Thor’s Hammer shotgun, and then go back to the Central Cavern to save.

Removing Wrist Bomb – Mining Work Area

Once you return to the Central Cavern, use the Item Box for some inventory management. You will want your knife to destroy boxes, Thor’s Hammer Sight B on your shotgun, the Pistol, as well as a Neuro-stun Grenade and standard Grenades. Save your game and then continue through the red roller door into the Mining Work Area.

Two Molded will spawn on your way to the elevator, take them out or avoid taking damage. Enter the elevator and prepare for the next section by highlighting the Clown Key in your inventory. A white Molded will greet you as you enter the area, deflect his attack and then go the long way around to reach the clown door – this will give you some time to put the key in the door. As soon as the key is in the door, turn around and block the attack of the two, four-legged Molded. You may need to kill them to safely proceed.

When the clown door opens, avoid the white Molded and head into the next area. Turn right and head past the steamroller to collect the ammo down the winding tunnel, and then collect the items in the arena before activating the fight.

As soon as the fight begins, fire a single RAMROD into the Mama Molded to take it down to the ground, follow this up with continued shotgun fire into its cracked head.

As the Mama Molded is about to stand back up, throw a grenade to knock it back down. Fire another clip of shotgun shells into it and when it stands up, throw another grenade. Continue throwing grenades until it falls back down, at which point, keep shooting it in the head. Repeat this process until the Mama Molded falls over and explodes.

Take the wrist bomb off and head back to the Central Cavern and activate the drill using the Clown Key. Before you enter the drill, you will want to collect the remaining items in the area, as there is no turning back from here.

Go into the Storage Area through the green roller door and unlock the clown door to get more gear and another Antique Coin. Now head deeper into the Storage Area to collect the items you skipped the first time you were here.

Once everything is collected, you can return to the Central Cavern and unlock the bird cage containing Thor’s Hammer Sight C, as well as the cage holding the Steroid injector if you managed to collect all the Antique Coins. Use the Item Box to manage your inventory and prepare for the fight inside the drill.

Molded Fight in the Drill

The Molded fight inside the drill can be a bit intense, but the setup is simple. You will need the Samurai Edge pistol with standard rounds and RAMRODS, the Thor’s Hammer Shotgun, and a Neuro-stun Grenade. Any extra grenades you have are a bonus.

For the entire duration of the fight, you will want to use your standard rounds to headshot the Molded and punch them to death. Use your shotgun where absolutely necessary, especially if you’re getting overrun. Take advantage of the Easy Deflect item to help give you some breathing room, as you will be invincible during the punching animation.

During the first wave, stay up on the steps for the most part, only moving off to punch a stunned Molded. When a white Molded spawns, shoot it with a single RAMROD. If it gets too hectic, use your shotgun to make some room.

Before the second wave starts, stand near the wall beside the stairs to give you a good angle on where the four-legged Molded will spawn. Taking them out quickly is essential, as regular Molded will begin flooding the room. When a white Molded spawns, switch to RAMRODs and take it out. For this wave, you will be looking to stun Molded and punch them into each other. A Molded that gets hit by a Molded you punched will also stagger.

When Lucas comments on how slow you’re going, get ready to throw a Neuro-stun Grenade where the fat Molded break in through the back. The Neuro will stun them, and one RAMROD will kill a fat Molded. With everything cleared, collect the loot up the top and get ready to crawl through the vent to escape.


When you enter the laboratory, walk down the hallway and turn left to enter the observation room. Kill the three jumping Molded and head inside the room where you will need to kill an arm-blade Molded. Collect the items in the room and continue on.

At the top of the stairs is a Fat Molded that you will need to stun in order to get past. Kite it down the stairs, avoiding its vomiting attack. Stun it when you can, and sprint up the stairs into the hallway. On your right is a Molded on a gurney with another four-legged Molded. If you don’t look at the Molded on the gurney, it won’t animate. Deflect the four-legged Molded and quickly loot the area.

Run down the hallway and throw the switch to get Lucas out of the safe room. Go into the safe room, collect the loot, organize your weapons and save.

Lucas Fight

The Lucas fight is going to be difficult, but with correct positioning and a lot of grenades, you can put him down with relative ease. For this fight, you will want to focus on using Incendiary Grenades, RAMRODs, and your shotgun. If you haven’t used any Incendiary Grenades for the entire Not a Hero Professional attempt, you should have quite a large stockpile.

As you enter the room, quickly break the crates and collect the items, then prepare to be grabbed by Lucas.

For the first phase of the fight, wait until Lucas jumps down to the ground. He will then roar and wind up for an attack – quickly throw an Incendiary Grenade at him to stun him and follow it up with a barrage of shotgun fire.

Once his heart opens, switch to your RAMRODs and continue to shoot him in the chest. Dealing enough damage here will end the first phase.

The second phase will begin once Lucas jumps back down to the ground, roars, and winds up for another attack. Throw an Incendiary Grenade to stop the attack and follow up with shotgun blasts. Fire two to three times then throw another Incendiary Grenade. Continue this pattern, swapping to your pistol if you run out of shotgun shells. Once his heart is exposed, shoot it with RAMRODs or whatever you have left. This should end the second phase. If you need oxygen, locate a station in the room.

The final phase will begin as soon as Lucas lands on the ground. He won’t roar or do a wind up, he will simply attack. For this entire phase you will want to switch between throwing an Incendary Grenade and shooting him. Try to throw an Incendiary Grenade as he begins to wind up for an attack. Use whatever you have, but always try to throw an Incendiary Grenade after every couple of shots to make sure he stays stunlocked.

Once you deal enough damage, Lucas will die, the air will clear, and you will complete Not a Hero on Professional difficulty and claim the Infinite Ammo unlockable item!

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