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RE7 - Not a Hero All Unlockable Items

How to get every unlockable item in Not a Hero.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s final piece of DLC, Not a Hero, offers players the chance to take on the role of Chris Redfield once more. Players who are able to complete the Not a Hero DLC under specific conditions will be rewarded with some extremely powerful unlockable items, which will come in handy when tackling the Professional difficulty.

All Unlockable Items in Not a Hero

In order to collect all the unlockable items in Not a Hero, you will need to complete the DLC a couple of times. Most of the unlockable items, once earned, are stored in the Item Box and can be equipped when you reach the first Item Box in either the Central Cavern or just after you get the wrist bomb on Professional difficulty.

Thor’s Hammer Sight B

To unlock the Thor’s Hammer Sight B, you must simply complete the Not a Hero DLC. This sight will be rewarded after your first completion, and will in turn make your subsequent completions easier. Once you have the Thor’s Hammer automatic shotgun, simply open your inventory and use the Thor’s Hammer Sight B to equip the shotgun with the new sight.

Thor’s Hammer Sight C

To unlock the Thor’s Hammer Sight C unlockable item, you will need to collect 6 of the Antique Coins on Professional difficulty and put them in the bird cage that can be found up the left stairs in the Central Cavern. Unfortunately, this does not permanently unlock the sight – you will need to collect the Antique Coins every time you want to use it while playing Professional. However, if it is your first time tackling the Professional difficulty mode, it is an extremely good idea to pick up the Steroid and the Thor’s Hammer Sight C.

Easy Deflect

Unlocking the Easy Deflect unlockable item requires you to finish Not a Hero in less than one hour. This is definitely an item you will want to unlock for your Professional difficulty attempt, as it makes it significantly easier to defend against the Molded attacks.

Fast Walk

To unlock the Fast Walk unlockable item in Not a Hero you must find and collect all Antique Coins on Normal difficulty. The Fast Walk item only affects your walking speed, not your sprinting speed, so it’s not very useful unless you’ve taken a lot of hits and Chris can’t run.

Infinite Ammo

Finally, to unlock the Infinite Ammo unlockable item in Not a Hero you must complete the DLC on the Professional difficulty. The Infinite Ammo item only affects bullets and shotgun shells, meaning you won’t have infinite grenades, but you will have infinite RAMRODS.

Once all the Not a Hero items are unlocked, you’ll have no trouble tackling whatever Resident Evil 7’s Chris Redfield DLC has to throw at you. To actually use the items you’ve unlocked, you’ll need to play through the story again until you reach the first Item Box, open it up and you’ll find all your unlockable items waiting for you.

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