New Far Cry 5 Trailer Shows How You Grow The Resistance

The controversial open-world shooter was delayed recently, but a new trailer is here to hold you over until March.


Far Cry 5 sparked up quite a bit of controversy when it was revealed to have a villainous cult that struck a bit too close to home for some, but things went quiet for a bit. The game was subsequently delayed to March 27, but the development team has plenty to share before launch. Today's new trailer shows off the Resistance mechanic, a way to recruit new people (or animals) to your cause and take back Hope County.

Hope County, Montana is the fictional setting in which Far Cry 5 takes place. There, a preacher has risen to prominence as leader of Eden's Gate and uses the group to convert the residents to his cause. Player's take on the role of a deputy tasked with arresting the preacher and, when it goes incredibly wrong, you're swept into a conflict between Eden's Gate and those that choose to resist. 

You take on a pivotal role in the efforts of the Resistance because of your proximity to the conflict that sets Far Cry 5's events into motion and Hope County will react to the various activities that you decide to get involved in.

As seen in the trailer, your efforts around Hope County will end up with some interesting additions to the Resistance. There are a few cool characters that will bring unique skill sets once you free them from capture, but there are more animals playing a part than the dog that was revealed earlier on in Far Cry 5's press run. A bear and a cougar are seen, but there could be more.

Far Cry 5 will arrive March 27 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There's going to be quite a lot of mischief to get into when it arrives in homes and you can get a look at more gameplay in the video below.

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