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Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC: How to Get Started

Get prepared for the free Chris Redfield DLC update.


Resident Evil 7 arrived earlier this year and brought the luster back to Capcom’s long-running survival horror franchise. It successfully managed to take the series in a fresh direction while retaining the strong points that made it a hit with players worldwide. Capcom is bringing back Resident Evil 2 star and series regular Chris Redfield to the main stage with the new Not A Hero DLC. Redfield is tasked with finding out what happened at the Baker household. Some players have struggled to find and install the new DLC, so we will cover everything you need to get started with the new update.

How To Download Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC

As the Not A Hero DLC is not a part of the Resident Evil 7 Expansion Pass, it will need to be downloaded separately from the main game bundle. For PS4 or Xbox One, simply search for Not A Hero in each console’s respective online storefront. After downloading and installing the add-on, Not A Hero will be selectable from the main game menu.

For users of the PC version of Resident Evil 7 on Steam, navigate to the Steam Store search and type in “Not A Hero” and click the appropriate entry. It will be marked as “Free to Play” in the search results pop-up. Click the green install button. This will launch the base Resident Evil 7 executable and trigger the download of Not A Hero. Simply exit the game and the download will continue via Steam. Once that is done, you can restart the base game and fire up Not A Hero from the main menu.

If this fails to get the DLC working for your Resident Evil 7 version, try right-clicking on the Resident Evil 7 entry in your game library and select “View Downloadable Content”. Deselect the checkbox for Not A Hero and then reselect the checkbox. This should trigger the download and put you on your way to enjoying the new update.

How To Start Not A Hero DLC

Jumping into the new Not A Hero DLC is a piece of cake once installed. Like the other DLC releases for Resident Evil 7, players must have a save file present for the base game. At the main menu, navigate to the extra content listing. From here you can select Not A Hero (or any of the other DLC, should you have them installed). You and Redfield have fun!

If you need help working though any other part of the base Resident Evil 7 experience or its DLC, check out our walkthroughs and guides here!

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