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Destiny 2 - How to Make Ikora Rey Stop Blinking

Ikora Rey’s little icon won’t stop blinking, here’s everything we know.


Destiny 2 received a nice little quality of life change with Update where Vendors would stop blinking (their way of requesting you to come visit them) unless you had enough tokens to level them up. For the most part, this works, Vendors will no longer blink if you’re simply holding one token in your inventory – except for Ikora Rey, who refuses to stop blinking, flashing, and making a scene over in the bazaar.

Update: Apparently, completing all of Ikora's Meditations will stop her from flashing/blinking.

How to Make Ikora Rey Stop Blinking

We’ve tried just about everything you can do to get Ikora to stop blinking, but nothing appears to work. Turning in any extra tokens does not stop her, selecting Meditations won’t stop her from blinking, completing the Meditations doesn’t do anything either. It appears that Ikora didn’t get the memo that Vendors aren’t supposed to continually blink anymore.

There’s currently no fix for this, so you’ll just have to put up with her little icon flashing over there – which is sure to be frustrating for those of us who like to clear every notification off our screens. Hopefully it’s a relatively simple fix for Bungie and we’ll see it addressed in a hotfix at some point. For now Ikora Rey is just going to stand over there, blinking her little icon, offering us nothing.

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