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Get to the Chopper! Predator Special Event Coming to Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon Wildlands players are going to have to face off against the greatest fiction hunters in the universe in an upcoming event called The Hunt.


We've witnessed some interesting cross-overs in the gaming industry this year, most notably in the fighting game genreAssassin's Creed mixing it up with Final Fantasy XV is another interesting mesh, but this new announcement from Ubisoft may take the cake. The Hunt is a special event coming to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands and the shooter is crossing over with one of the most incredible hunters in fiction: Predator.

Predators are the fiction extraterrestrial specials in the science-fiction "Predator" franchise. The films have seen the aliens involved in a collection of different scenarios, including hunting the equally notable Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise, and their lore largely centers on hunting other species for sport.

Hunting other strong predators is a right-of-passage for the Predator species and this is a clever mashup on Ubisoft's part. There are no gameplay details known at this time, but it looks like the Ghosts may have caught the attention of the aliens with their work hunting down the cartel in Wildlands.

There may have been subtle hints of this crossover in the game all along, as you can witness me earning the "Predator" achievement in a Ghost War match below.

The trailer doesn't give us a detailed look at the version of the Predators we'll see in Ghost Recon WIldlands, instead showing us their maimed prey and tearing with their trademark voice click. The dev team behind Wildlands will be giving players a first look at The Hunt tomorrow December 13 at noon EST on their Twitch channel

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