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Rohta Chigah Shrine - Breath of the Wild

Get one step closer to earning the Master Cycle Zero motorcycle by conquering the Rohta Chigah Shrine.


The first part of The EX Champions' Ballad quest sees Link coming into possession of the Obliterator, a one-hit-kill weapon that caps his health at just one quarter of a single heart. The entire first stage of the quest requires that Link proceed through four enemy camps and four different shrines with complete precision, as taking any damage at all results in a Game Over. Don Link's Sheikah armor and prepare for some tough battles.

Take Out The Lizalfos

One of the mission's enemy camps rests just east of the Shrine of Resurrection, only a short ways south of the Great Plateau Tower and just north of Eastern Abbey. Out in an otherwise barren field, players will find a crew of Lizalfos armed to the teeth with Bomb Arrows. Approach cautiously using stealth or soar down from Great Plateau Tower, using aereal archery to detonate nearby exploding red barrels to get some easy kills. Stay out of the range of archers by approaching the rocky outcropping from the south, and use the raised vantage to pick off the remaining enemies.

Once all of the enemy Lizalfos have been eradicated, the Rohta Chigah Shrine will emerge from the earth. Activate the terminal, then step inside.

Rohta Chigah Shrine - Stop to Start

Players walking into Rohta Chigah Shrine will be greeted with a spike pit with various moving platforms. Using magnesis, grab the leftmost metallic slate and use it to build a bridge toward the longer slate. Once on top of the longer slate, grab the climbable metal cube and place it into the corner of the spike pit. Use magnesis and the smaller slate to build a bridge to the cube, then climb it and open the chest to receive a Forest Dweller's Shield.

Float down from the platform and go through the entryway into the next area. In there, two cogs will be spinning by spiked platforms. Navigate across the cogs, being careful not to run into the spikes, and jump onto the conveyer belt. Follow the path carefully to avoid the spikes on either side, and enter the room with the swinging spike balls. Freeze the frontmost spiked ball with Stasis, then carefully glide down to the entryway below. Step on the pressure plate to open the door, and watch with mounting tension as the wall opens up to reveal a moving spike trap.

As the spikes close in, run down the narrow bridge, carefully avoiding the spikes that jut out toward the platform and climbing over the rocky cubes when necessary in order to reach the end. Speak to the monk, claim your Spirit Orb, and rest easy knowing that you're one step closer to completing the Champions' Ballad challenges. For help with completing the rest of the DLC's new questline, head on over to our Champions' Ballad DLC walkthrough and guide.

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