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Uncharted Series Ropeswings Into Sales Record Books

More people bought Uncharted than all of Bon Jovi’s albums.


In the ten years since Naughty Dog’s action-adventure series debuted on the PS3, it has sold through a staggering number units. A Playstation brand stalwart, Uncharted has been featured in console bundles and has been the centerpiece of more than one Sony E3 press conference. It seems that people cannot get enough of the series.

During the 10th Anniversary panel at this weekend’s PSX 2017 show, it was revealed that Uncharted has moved more than 40 million copies so far, including the remastered Nathan Drake Collection and this year’s spinoff Lost Legacy release. Pushsquare reports that the series sales total was in the neighborhood of 28 million back in May of 2016, meaning that the franchise has moved more than 25 percent of all copies sold in the last 18 months alone. This number has obviously been boosted by the popularity of last year’s phenomenal Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

While the conclusion of Uncharted 4 could be interpreted as a nice bow that ties up the entirety of the Nathan Drake story, 2017’s Lost Legacy shows that the series can focus on other adventures and retain everything that made it one of Sony’s mega-franchises. Worst case scenario, Naughty Dog could always move a few million more copies with indefinite remasters for the PS5, PS6, and beyond.

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