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Yowaka Ita Shrine - Breath of the Wild

Master the puzzles of Yowaka Ita Shrine and edge ever closer to unlocking Champions' Ballad's best rewards.


The first part of The EX Champions' Ballad quest sees the Hero of Time coming into possession of the Obliterator, a one-hit-kill weapon that also happens to reduce his health down to just one quarter of a heart. The remainder of this initial stage of the quest requires that Link proceed through four enemy camps and four different shrines with the utmost caution, as taking any damage at all results in a Game Over. Don Link's stealth armor and prepare for some tough battles.

Clearing Out The Camp

Fly down north from the cliff overlook by the Shrine of Resurrection and land just south of the nearby marker onto the rocky mound. From there, take a look at the Bokoblin camp and take note of the enemy numbers including the Bokoblin archer on the fallen tree, the archer on the tall stump, and the nearby herd of Keese. Approach carefully and take out each of the Bokoblins, using stealth whenever possible and watching out for shock attacks.

Once the camp has been cleared, the Yowaka Ita Shrine will rise out of the ground. Activate the terminal, then step inside.

Yowaka Ita Shrine - Collected Soul

Walk down the steps and take note of the craterous hole in the center of the room. Dodge the falling spiked balls and jump over to where the bowl is sitting opposite the entrance. Pick it up using Magnesis, and use it to catch the treasure chest spawning beneath the spring platform, being careful not to sling the chest out when trying bring it in. Open it to receive five Bomb Arrows.

Next, use the bowl to capture the oversized power sphere and place it in the slot near where the bowl was found to open the door leading to a chest containing the Phrenic Bow.

Afterward, go back and use the bowl to scoop up one of the normal-sized power spheres falling from the side of the room. With it in tow, carefully navigate back up the slope toward the entrance, again dodging the spiked balls, and drop the power sphere into the hole. The door will open, and the shrine will be complete.

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