Modojo Rewind: Rewarding Experiences

This week's Modojo Rewind focuses on the most acclaimed games on the market as well as a selection of keen deals for players of any platform.


Opening, evening: a pale sun hangs amid a gray-tinted sky, teasing the population with notions of warmth that seem to have disappeared in the realm beyond memories. Clouds turn to rain, rain turns to snow, and the earth is covered with a frigid sheen that drives the living indoors.

We're not saying we don't appreciate the cold weather, sudden though it may be for some — we're saying this is a great time to sit comfortably within our abodes and devour some of the excellent gaming content that's been making waves in recent news. The Game Awards Show 2017 has come to a close, and not only do gamers have a strong outline of which games are most worthy of their time this holiday season, they're also being treated to a number of new releases, DLC, and top-tier discounts on award-winning titles.

Circle around the hearth, friends, and warm your bones beside the fire. Look first into the flames, and then through their flittering dance: there lies this week's Modojo Rewind.

Award-Winning Adventures

The biggest stories coming out of the gaming scene this week revolve around last night's Game Awards 2017, wherein Nintendo's fantastic RPG The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild managed to earn the title of Game of the Year. Beyond actual awards, there were several new reveals, not all of which were mobile or portable oriented. For a full breakdown of award winners, be sure to check out our Game Awards 2017 guide; beyond that, players can also check out some of the games being marked down in celebration of the awards ceremony: find the top PC deals on our PC deals guide, and scope the console deals on our console deals guide. Also, definitely head over to our Game Awards 2017 category to check out all of the big reveals made during the event.

Alongside the prize for Game of the Year, Breath of the Wild also saw the late-night release of Champions' Ballad, the second DLC pack given as part of the game's Expansion Pass. Among the DLC's new features is the Master Cycle Zero, a motorcycle that acts as Link's very own Divine Beast. We've got a guide to help players unlock the Champions' Ballad motorcycle, and we've also got all the top information players need in order to start the Champions' Ballad DLC as well as where to find the slick new Royal Guard Uniform.

Hearty Meals Bursting With Flavor

The theme of this section is hunger, and nothing satisfies the appetite of mobile- and portable-minded gamers like fresh titles and new content. Fortunately, we've seen both this week: we got word that Niantic is working on a reboot of Ingress called Ingress Prime, a new take on the company's initial AR- and location-based sci-fi game, and a mobile version of 3DS title Monster Hunter Stories just hit mobile phones in Japan. With a little bit of technical wizardry and know-how, players in other territories can easily scoop up arguably the best Monster Hunter game in the current lineup.

Like many of us, Google likes to put together lists of some of the company's favorite mobile experiences, and their latest is a doozie. Android players can check out all of the highest-rated mobile experiences by checking out Google's Best of 2017, featuring top-tier games, apps, movies, books, and more.

Beyond these we've received word of some very interesting developing stories: PUBG Mobile, the new game from Tencent, Bluehole, and PUBG Corp that was announced last week, will actually present a somewhat-alternative take of the PUBG style of gameplay. The second mobile game, however, being only revealed recently, will be more in line with what players expect from a mobile battle royale title. Oh, and did you hear that the first Resident Evil was originally planned to release for the SNES? Weird, but true.

Lastly, Katamari Damacy has returned to the mobile scene in Amazing Katamari Damacy, a free-to-play endless runner title, and Switch fans can look forward to the release of the fast-paced FPS PolyGod sometime next year. Looking ever forward, the Switch will also play host to the JRPG-styled adventure Legrand Legacy, which is breaking free of its Kickstarter origins and landing on the Switch in 2019.

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