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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Giving Away 20 Leaf Tickets in Return for Retweets

Want more Leaf Tickets? Better get to retweeting, then.


If you’re knee-deep in animals in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you could probably always use a few more Leaf Tickets, right? Who says no to free things, especially ones you normally have to pay for? There’s a way to get some Leaf Tickets for free pretty quickly, as long as you’re willing to put a little bit of work in. Nintendo has launched a little Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Twitter campaign where Isabelle prompts fans to retweet a single tweet 100,000 times by December 11. The reward for doing so? 20 Leaf Tickets will go out to every player.

That seems like a pretty high amount of retweets for a small reward of Leaf Tickets (a very paltry sum indeed), but consider that the tweet was posted at 3:00 PM ET today and has already amassed 22,547 retweets at the time of this article. With three more days to go, it’s highly probable that fans will beat this retweet rally, especially with players all over the world participating, and we’ll all get those 20 smackeroos.

If you want some freebies, head to Twitter, get your retweet on, and make Isabelle happy because it seems she’s really happy about her “fun idea” that totally wasn’t planted there by the marketing team or anything like that. Unlike Hopkins, that blue blow-up bunny imposter, she’s a real animal, after all.

What are you planning on doing with your 20 Leaf Tickets? We promise we won't tell Tom Nook.

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