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Destiny 2 - The Colony Exotic Grenade Launcher

Who cares if The Colony is effective? This thing is just plain fun to use.


Destiny 2 has a couple exotic grenade launchers for players to choose from. There’s the Fighting Lion that fits in your Energy slot and probably never gets used. There’s also The Prospector, which is my favorite weapon to demolish Ceremonial Bathers in the Leviathan raid. Now, there’s The Colony, an exotic grenade launcher with a pretty cool intrinsic perk, even if it doesn’t turn out to be the most functional.

The Colony Exotic Grenade Launcher

My first look at The Colony exotic grenade launcher had me wanting to slap a shader on it, or maybe even an exotic weapon ornament. It doesn’t look good, in my opinion, and above all things in Destiny 2, I value looking good the most. I suppose killing potential is also important, but you must look good while crushing your foes.

Looks aside, the intrinsic perk of The Colony intrigued me. It’s called Insectoid Robot Grenades. These grenades are insectoid robots that chase targets and explode close to them. I tried comparing the stats between The Prospector and The Colony to see which is better, but they have entirely different functions. The Prospector is an automatic firing grenade launcher that is intended to melt a tough target in short order. The Colony’s projectiles will hunt your target down in hard to reach places. Stat comparisons aren’t relevant.

How to Get The Colony in Destiny 2

Have you heard of RNGesus? You should get familiar, because unless Xur shows up packing this exotic grenade launcher on Friday, you’re going to have to depend on luck to get The Colony. Your best bet is to complete your milestones on all three characters, then grind through heroic public events and the heroic strike playlist. You should also try and complete the Leviathan raid on all three characters since you are guaranteed an exotic drop from the chests in the underbelly. You need to farm exotic engrams, and then you need luck to be on your side and have it drop The Colony for you.

Is The Colony Good or Bad?

It’s good, but not because it’s an effective weapon. It’s probably not going to be better than your sword in PvP or your Curtain Call in any PvE event. But it’s interesting and it’s fun and that’s what exotics are supposed to be. It’s okay for a weapon in Destiny 2 to be situational, and that’s what this is. Remember I said The Prospector was my favorite weapon to melt Ceremonial Bathers with? That’s all I use it for, and that’s fine. Some tools are meant for one specific job. The Colony is designed to seek out hard to reach targets and blow them up, and it does that. I just can’t say that it’s going to be needed all that often.

My first experience with The Colony was the heroic Arms Dealer strike that gives players the Bracus Zahn boss fight at the end. Most of my time was spent testing out this new exotic grenade launcher. I was able to fire well short of the Fallen Walker in the level and let the Insectoid Robot Grenade do the rest of the work. It wasn’t terribly effective due to the need for precision shots, but it showed me that I could fire this from a long way away when I needed to be safe.

Where it came in very handy was if a group of enemies bunched up. Any time there is a hoard of foes, drop an Insectoid Robot Grenade on the ground and watch it work. That thing will find those enemies and blow up in the middle of them, demolishing a half a dozen in the process.

It was also decent in the Bracus Zahn boss fight. Imagine a pack of War Beasts running at you. Drop an Insectoid Robot Grenade on the ground and enjoy the show. I even used it on Bracus Zahn himself, and it works. You can’t really miss with it so long as you fire short of your target you should do damage.

The problem with arguing The Colony as a good option is that if you replace it with the Curtain Call rocket launcher in any situation that I’ve outlined here, it loses. Curtain Call is top dog these days, so anywhere that you need something dead, it wins. Just don’t be afraid to use The Colony when the stakes aren’t very high and you need to have some fun.

Now that you know is to know about The Colony exotic grenade launcher, be sure to visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.


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