Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips, Tricks, And Strategies

Make the most out of Dragon Battle Z Dokkan Battle with these crucial hints and tricks.


There's a reason why Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the highest-rated Dragon Ball Z games on iOS and Android: it's been captivating players for almost three years and has managed to garner over 200 million downloads since its for release. It satisfies both hardcore DBZ fans as well as DBZ newbies, too, with a gameplay style that allows players to duke it out with their favorite series' characters.

Of course, there's always room for improvement, and Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle fans who want to make the most of their game would do well to keep a few key strategies in mind. Here are the basics needed to elevate your game and decimate your opponents in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Essential Tips And Strategies In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Practice Makes Perfect

It might go without saying, but we're going to say it anyway: nothing helps round out a team of fighters like experience. Sometimes players just won't have made enough progress to take down some of the game's tougher battles, and that's alright. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle isn't going to throw players down a well for not quite being up to snuff; quite the opposite, honestly, for the game has a robust Training mode that allows players to select special training partners with which to develop their skills. Even better, players can select a training partner with the same color as the character they're trying to level up in order to earn bonus experience, and selecting two identical characters gives the chance to increase that character's Super Attack level.

Don't Waste Dragon Stones

While we're discussing the need for practice, players should also consider their skill levels and needs when using Dragon Stones. By and large, using a Dragon Stone to restore Stamina or revive after a big boss battle is a waste, since trying again later after leveling up some more is so simple. Save those Dragon Stones for when they're needed, and allow stats like Stamina to recover themselves over time. This will save more than just money and time, but will also allow for a more streamlined gameplay experience.

The Type Chart Is Your Friend

Like with many other games, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle drops characters into specific categories that are strong or weak against other types. Most of the information needed to get the most out of battles comes down to the game's Type flow chart, which shows strengths for and against each different Type. For example, Red STR characters are strong against Orange PHY characters but weak against Blue AGL characters. Any STR-type attack against other Types will do normal damage, but players can lay down the hurt by keeping their attacks in line with specific strengths and weaknesses.

Gain Bonuses By Tracking Down All Seven Dragon Balls

Not only is tracking down all seven Dragon Balls an essential part of the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle experience, doing so also gives players the options to choose bonuses like the "I want more allies" option that increases the player's character slots by 10. Those additional slots provide many more strategic options to the player, and unlocking them should be the first step for players looking to get the most out of the game.

Stay On Top Of Login Bonuses And Daily Rewards

Making the most out of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is easier when players take advantage of the game's daily rewards, which offers up entirely-free items like zeni and Dragon Stones just for logging in. Even better, players can rack up bigger rewards by logging in on consecutive days, meaning it's worth checking in every day even without the intent to play. Daily rewards can really stack up, and coupled together with the game's special events, players can quickly get a lead on the competition.

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