Xenoblade Chronicles 2- How To Use The Beastly Core Crystal

A chance encounter ends with you earning a Beastly Core Crystal, but you're not allowed to use it yet. When will you be?


The relationship between a Driver and its Blade is an intriguing one and serves as the focus of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. There are some interesting wrinkles in this relationship, including the circumstances and events that involve their individual deaths. One encounter you have in Chapter 3 introduces you to a Blade with a monster as its driver and, after defeating the duo, you earn the Blade's crystal: The Beastly Core Crystal. However, when trying to bond with the core crystal, it is grayed out in the menus. Here's when it became available to us.

Bonding With The Beastly Core Crystal

There was no specific prompt (unless I completely missed it) telling me I was able to bond with the Beastly Core Crystal, but I checked on it periodically. After the start of Chapter 4 is when I was able to bond and tap into the monstrous Blade.

The Beastly Core Crystal's Blade, Wulfric

Considering it is a story based Core Crystal, the Blade you receive should be universal. His name is Wulfric and you can get a look at him and his abilities down below.

Field Skills

  • Superstrength - Extraordinary physical strength. Used to break things, lift them up, etc.
  • Earth Mastery - The power of an Earth Blade.
  • Focus - The power to focus on one thing. Also used to control one's power.

Battle Skills

  • Power Unleashed - Increases damage dealt by 60% when Affinity is at max.
  • Critical Strike - Increases critical damage by 10%.

Blade Arts

  • Critical Up - Increases critical hit rate.
  • Arts Plus - Boosts power of next Driver Art.


  • Brutal Lance - Spin weapon erratically and strike.
  • Termination Blast - Shoot out absorbed energy in a laser blast.
  • Hellbound - Fly up and perform a drop attack with maximum power.
  • Apocalypse - Jab at the enemy repeatedly and fire a laser from the chest.

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