Two 15-Year-Olds Made This Stylish, Risk of Rain-Inspired Action Platformer

The two devs have gone through quite a bit making this game, but the release date for Alter Army is right around the corner.


There are so many cool indies in the works regularly that it is easy for some to get lost in the shuffle but, occasionally, one that certainly demands your attention will bubble up to the surface. Alter Army is an action-platformer inspired by 2014 Indiecade finalist Risk of Rain and, surprisingly, it was crafted by a couple of 15-year-olds from India.

Alter Army is an intense game set against a backdrop of a dying universe where you're attempting to take control of the last remaining resources. Players will choose from four different characters with distinct abilities and fight through tons of monsters and bosses. The game is the two young dev's first project, but looks pretty polished thus far. After sleepless nights, struggles with being discouraged, and almost not being greenlit on Steam (it got approved at the very last moment), Alter Army is on the verge of being released and allowing Mridul Pancholi and Mridul Bansal to share their hard work.

Alter Army is slated for release in early 2018, but a beta version of the action-platformer is available on Game Jolt for free right now.

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