Colorful Puzzler GNOG Lands On iOS Today, Steam Soon

Developer KO_OP Mode and publisher Double Fine have allowed GNOG to ascend beyond its PlayStation-based trappings.


Nothing quite satisfies the gaming itch like a good puzzle title, and many of the fan favorite games in the puzzle genre go above and beyond the pleasingly-mindbending affair by presenting something unique, like a distinct art style, a pulse-pounding soundtrack, or an interesting way of interacting with the game itself. So far, developer KO_OP Mode's puzzler GNOG has hit every item on that checklist: the game has a unique and colorful art style, a catchy soundtrack that dynamically changes based on how the game is played, and full VR support through Sony's own PlayStation VR system.

And while all of that is well and good, not everyone owns a PlayStation 4 or a PSVR system. That's no longer a problem, though, as the team at KO_OP Mode and Double Fine Productions have gotten together to extend the reach of GNOG's charm to both PC and mobile formats. As of today, the game can be found through the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

So far, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the mobile version of the game does not support virtual reality systems. The Steam version will, however, and it's sure to be a great addition to any VR headset owner's library. The mobile does include its own unique talent, though: it's been enhanced with special AR functions that overlay some of the game's many puzzles into player's environments. Cool as that is, the main draw to the mobile version will likely be both its portability and its control scheme, as the gameplay of GNOG is particularly well-suited to touch-based input.

Curious to learn more about GNOG? Shacknews had a chance to speak with KO_OP co-founder and studio director Saleem Dabbous at this year's GDC, wherein he detailed some of the finer points of GNOG's design inspirations and puzzle-based gameplay. Check it out in the video featured below.

GNOG is slated to become available for download soon via Steam, with current details stating that the game will be made available for purchase this coming January. That said, iOS users can currently head straight over to Apple App Store and download the game for $4.99.

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