Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a Mobile Must-Have

Find out why this phenomenon hit 200 million downloads, and what you’ve been missing out on.


Dragon Ball, a long-running Japanese manga and anime series dating back to 1984, has been a worldwide phenomenon for years. While Dragon Ball has appeared in print, movies, and TV, the Dragon Ball video games remain some of the most popular renditions. One of the most recent Dragon Ball games is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Exclusive to mobile platforms, it offers an excellent opportunity for those unfamiliar with the series to get their feet wet.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the premiere mobile games on iOS and Android. While it has been available for nearly three years, the experience continues to improve and evolve. If you have a supported device and are not playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you are missing out and should head right to the App Store or Google Play Store and grab it now.

Since it released, the game has been downloaded over 200 million times. To put that into perspective, the Starbucks app, the Nick app for Nickelodeon, and the Airbnb app have only been downloaded 10 million times each. Those download totals combined only account for a mere 20 percent of the total downloads Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has reached since launch.

There are several reasons why Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has stayed on top of the mobile charts. First and foremost, Dokkan Battle is an extremely easy game to play for people of all ages. Dragon Ball fans will find themselves spending hours on Dokkan Battle every time they start this game on their iOS or Android device. There aren’t a lot of complex game mechanics that need to be learned before you can enjoy the game. The pick up and play nature of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle makes it very addictive.

Dragon Ball fans find it fun to play because it features almost every Dragon Ball character. Even if you’re only a mild fan of Dragon Ball in general, there’s a high probability that your favorites make an appearance in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Everyone from popular characters such as Android 17 and Goku Black to more obscure characters like the Saibamen and Arale are represented in Dokkan Battle.

As a mobile game, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is constantly improving and adding new gameplay modes, challenges and characters. Even the newest characters from Dragon Ball Super are included in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle regularly. Want to play as Ultra Instinct Goku, Hit, or Caulifla? You can do that right now in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. There are over 1,000 characters and variants featured in the game. Virtually any Dragon Ball character you’d want to play as is included.

If the huge character roster and regular updates weren’t enough to get you to download Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, the weekly events will help to push you over the edge. In addition to the World Tournament and various quests featured in the game, weekly events are added in to keep the game fresh for returning players and help to make the entire package even more enticing to those still on the fence. Players will find bonus events, story-related events, Dokkan events and even special limited time events, so you will always have something new to do each time you load up Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Loads of Dragon Ball fans root for multiple characters and they won’t be left out. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a team game. You select several different characters to create your team, then play through the various events, battles and challenges. As you play, your team will level up to earn new ranks, abilities and more. While the game is easy to play and very user-friendly, it has enough depth involved so that those who want to increase their skills will have room to grow as they progress through the game.

At the end of the day, if you consider yourself a fan of Dragon Ball, you must download Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle for free and give it a shot. You don’t reach over 200 million downloads for no reason. The game continues to be one of the top apps on iOS and Android. So grab your cell phone or tablet and click here for the iOS App Store, or click here for the Google Play Store and download Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle so you can see, first-hand, what all the fuss is about.

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