The Best PlayStation VR Cyber Monday 2017 Deals

Catch a huge discount on a new PSVR bundle by scooping up a deep discount this Cyber Monday.


The whole point of playing a video game is to become immersed in a virtual world, right? So what better way is there to dive into the digital realm than by strapping on a cutting-edge virtual reality headset? For our money, there's no better deal on getting into the VR craze than by picking up PlayStation VR, Sony's affordable solution to truly engaging virtual reality content. PlayStation VR has been out long enough to have already seen some considerable discounts through everyday prices, and now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are rolling around, players will have the chance to lose themselves in simulated worlds without having to pay a premium.

Getting Started With PlayStation VR

Virtual reality headsets are fairly demanding: not only do they need their own on-board displays and processing power, they also need to be connected to a machine that can handle running the software and porting images and sound through tehtered devices. For other headsets, like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, users need to link up to a pretty powerful PC. For PSVR, however, all that's needed is a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Camera, the likes of which are often bundled together with PSVR or sold separately on an as-needed basis.

As for accessories, PSVR is set up to interface with standard headphones, DualShock 4 controllers, and even the PS Move controllers that landed during the PS3 era. After connecting a litany of cables, players won't be too far away from enjoying true-to-form virtual reality experiences.

Here's the breakdown of everything users will need to get started with PSVR as well as some optional accessories that can make the overall experience more enjoyable.

• PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro
• PlayStation VR HMD (PSVR headset)
• PlayStation Camera
• PSVR-enabled software and games
• PlayStation Move (Optional)
• PlayStation VR Aim (Optional)

The Best Cyber Monday 2017 Deals On PlayStation VR Hardware

Despite an influx of available software for PlayStation VR, there really aren't many choices when it comes to PSVR hardware. All that's really needed to get into the game is the headset itself; as such, most of the deals are on a standalone head-mounted display or a bundle that includes the PlayStation Camera, a game, and sometimes a PlayStation 4 console.

While we don't yet know just which PSVR bundles will be marked down this Cyber Monday, we have gotten a pretty good look at Black Friday 2017 deals for PlayStation VR. Here are the bundles to look out for.


• PlayStation 4 1TB Console + PlayStation VR + PlayStation Camera Bundle$498.99

Now that we've gotten Amazon's Black Friday ads, we also know that the online retailer will be offering up to $100 off select PSVR bundles. Though no specific bundles were mentioned, we expect discounts on PSVR and PlayStation Camera bundles to be prominent on both Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday.


• PlayStation VR$199.99 (Doorbuster discount)
• PlayStation 4 1TB Console with Call of Duty WWII$199.99 (Doorbuster discount)


• Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR Bundle$299
• PlayStation 4 1TB Console$199


• PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle w/ PlayStation Camera — $299.99
• PS4 Pro 1TB — $349.99
• PS4 1TB w/ $50 Gift Card — $199.99


• PS4 1TB — $189.99
• PS4 w/ Call of Duty WWII & Destiny 2 — $289.99


• PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle - $299.99
• PS4 1TB - $199.99


• PlayStation VR w/ PS Camera & Gran Turismo Sport — $299.99
• PS4 1TB — $199.99


• PS4 1TB w/ $60 Kohl's Cash — $199.99 (Doorbuster discount)

Toys R Us:

• PS4 Slim 1TB Console — $199.99

The Best Deals Cyber Monday 2017 Deals On PSVR Games


• Resident Evil 7 — $15
• PlayStation Plus — $10 off all subscription cards

Be sure to check back often in order to stay up-to-date on the latest deals for PlayStation VR hardware and software. We'll be continually updating our lists all the way up to Black Friday this November 24, with an extension provided to Cyber Monday deals on November 27. Also, be sure not to miss out on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 sales guide hub, where we're collecting all the bottom-dollar deals on everything from Apple devices to Nintendo games and more.

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