Stardew Valley Could Be First Third-Party Switch Game With Video Capture Support

Yet there's still no word on whether or not Switch video capture support will become universal.


Stardew Valley is a game that's easy to love, and it's particularly well-suited to the Nintendo Switch hardware, being colorful, easy to learn, and easy to run on less-powerful hardware. And now the game has even more charm going for it, as it appears that Stardew Valley is gearing up to become the latest title (and the first third-party Switch title) with support for the Nintendo Switch's recently-added video capture feature.

According to developer Chucklfish Games, an upcoming patch for Stardew Valley has been submitted to Nintendo for approval. In the announcement tweet, it was revealed that the patch should help speed up saving, eliminate the crash on sleep problem, and fix other various issues like the left-hand speaker static problem alongside its support for video recording.

Since the patch was only submitted last Thursday, there's still no word on exactly when the update will be doled out to Stardew Valley players; with that said, the whole process shouldn't take too long.

As for when or if Nintendo plans on making universal support for video capture, the bad news is that we still haven't heard anything. It seems a little silly that developers would have to specifically rework their titles to support the feature, particularly considering that such things are common on other consoles. It may be that video capture just isn't something the Switch was built to do; either way, we'll likely hear more about the feature as more games begin to support it through the coming months.

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