Sky For Apple TV Unfolds Its Wings In New 6-Minute Gameplay Video

Scope all-new details regarding the latest title from thatgamecompany in an all-new video.


While they might not exactly fit in with the AAA blockbuster games crowd, the multitude of releases from thatgamecompany have all been fairly well-received thanks to their charm and their willingness to think outside of the box. This was true for Flower, it was absolutely true for Journey, and it looks to be true for Sky, thatgamecompany's upcoming iOS and tvOS experience.

In a new video published by IGN, thatgamecompany creative director Jenova Chen spells out many new details about Sky, including its goal of becoming a "global social adventure experience" where players can explore the world through the power of flight. Unlike in Journey where players could only connect with others online, Sky has been designed as an experience that can unite families and friends alike through cooperative play.

Chen goes on to narrate the game's initial moments, where a shadowy childlike protagonist looks to escape its gloomy surroundings only to be blessed by a mysterious light. From there, the rest of the video goes on to reveal more about how the children and the light can interact with one another and the rest of the world. If spoilers aren't any kind of concern, be sure to watch the entire six-minute video, featured below.

Chen also details how the game was specially built just for touch-based input, where nearly all of the in-game actions can be performed with a simple swipe of a finger in any given direction — that's right, no clumsy on-screen directional pads this time.

Intended to release as a timed exclusive for iOS and tvOS, iPad and iPhone owners as well as those fortunate enough to have the new Apple TV 4K will be among the first to sample Sky's charms. There's no specific release date for the game, however, nor is there any word on which platforms Sky will land on after its iOS debut. For now, we'll simply have to wait while thatgamecompany continues their work.

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