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Pokemon GO Adds Alola Outfits to Celebrate Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

There's a new Pokemon coming this week and Pokemon GO would like to get into the spirit.


There's a new Pokemon game about to hit Nintendo 3DS systems this week. With trainers set to return to Alola for a second tour with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Niantic's mobile take on the franchise is set to get some special tie-in content.

Starting today, November 13, Pokemon GO users can find new avatar items straight from the Alola region. That means decking out your trainer in fashionable island gear.

These items should already be in the player's inventory as soon as they log into Pokemon GO. So get ready for fun in the sun and dress in those short-sleeved tops and beach shorts. It's the perfect weather* for it, so head outside today!

(* - No, it really isn't. It's almost winter. Dress warm. Shacknews is not responsible for cases of hypothermia caused by any misinterpretation of this article.)

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