The Cartridge Family 012: Super Mario Odyssey, Paris Games Week, Loot Boxes, Violent Game Trailers

When Buffa’s away, the children play. When the children are away, Buffa and Joe do the show themselves and also resent the children.


Hello again! So, we did our Halloween show last week even though this week we brought out the skeleton crew. On this week’s episode, Buffa and I sit down and discuss our deep adoration for Super Mario Odyssey (even though I botched the game club) before we dive into the headlines that came out of Paris Games Week, the most notable of which includes Sony’s oddly violent press show. Since it’s a shorter show this week, we follow up headlines with a trip down memory lane as we enjoy the buttery words on the back of a beloved SEGA Genesis game box. All that and more on today’s show!

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On This Episode:

Joe Stasio 
Chris Buffa

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