Wolfenstein 2 - How to Feed the Pig

Learn how to feed the pig while on the Evas Hammer in Wolfenstein 2.


During your time in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, you’ll find yourself visiting the Evas Hammer several times. It’s your new home, and between massive battles at various locations, you’ll return for some rest and relaxation. As you wander the Evas Hammer, not far from your own room you’ll find a pig named Rosa with a room of her own. If you interact with the pig you will get a fun little side quest that requires you to feed the pig.

How to Feed the Pig

Make your way to the Cantina on the Evas Hammer. Off to the sides you will find small rooms and stairs that give you access to the upper level. In these areas you can find potatoes. Pick up the potatoes that are on the ground and in the area and take them back to Rosa the pig. You can feed her the potatoes and you’ll complete this fun little side quest.

What do you get when you feed the pig? Nothing. You get the satisfaction of knowing that your future bacon breakfast is healthy and happy. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus isn’t the kind of game that gives you rewards for these things, you just do them because they’re interesting and fun.

There’s a lot more going on in Wolfenstein 2 than just having Blazkowicz run around and feed a pig. You might also need to find Fergus’ arm after a solid night of partying. Maybe you feel like being a good person and tracking down all 15 of Max’s Toys, which of course will require you to unlock the Enigma Machine to access the Uberkommandant missions. You can visit the Shacknews Wolfenstein 2 walkthrough and guide for information on each of those and more.

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