Square Enix Compares Switch Architecture To PS4 And Xbox One

Apparently producing games for both the Switch and other consoles isn't as complicated as some might think.


Now that Nintendo finally has a competitive system on the modern console market, there are many players who are left wondering why their favorite games and game series aren't landing on Nintendo hardware. On one side of the equation we have developers like Boss Key Productions, who dodge the issue of a Switch release by offering up hogwash excuses about the Switch not having enough buttons; on the other hand we have studios like id Software, a team that seems more than happy to bring its frenetic FPS to the hybrid console. Sitting somewhere in the middle is Capcom, with developers who simply create games with a specific console in mind.

Given that the Switch does a lot of things that competing consoles don't do — portability, motion control, et cetera — it might be easy to think that making a Switch release would be more trouble than it was worth. But it seems that isn't the case. According to Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, Square Enix has said that the core architecture between the Switch and the PS4 and Xbox One is similar, which means PS4 and Xbox One to Switch ports are entirely possible.

It's so-far unclear just which representative of Square Enix made the comparison; equally unclear is the context in which the comparison was given. Still, it's good to see that at least one game developer is admitting the similarities between the systems' core technologies instead of providing silly excuses as to why they won't release their game for Nintendo's hardware.

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