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For Honor Details Season 4 Updates Ahead of Free Weekend

For Honor is set to kick off Season 4 next week, but first, there's a matter of a free weekend.


Ubisoft is preparing to kick off Season 4 of For Honor, with a handful of new content set to hit the 3D fighter. The publisher offered up a preview of what's set to come to the game on Wednesday morning, while also announcing a free weekend for all platforms.

For Honor's Season 4's update is called "Order & Havoc" and will include two new Heroes for Season Pass holders. This includes the Aramusha, a dual-wielding Samurai warrior, and the Shaman, a slippery Viking that brings along a hatchet and a dagger. Season Pass holders will get these two heroes on November 14, but all players will be able to scoop them up a week later for an in-game currency cost of 15,000 Steel each.

Those who are looking for something a little more on the free side, the new Tribute mode is set to debut with this update. Ubisoft first discussed Tribute back in September, detailing a 4v4 objective mode that sees teams collecting offerings across the map and returning them to any one of their three shrines. Look for this mode to also debut alongside Ranked Dominion mode, which will test the game's best players for in-game rewards.

More information on the Order & Havoc update can be found on the Ubi Blog and in the videos below. For Honor will deploy the Season 4 update on November 14. Those on the fence will get a chance to try For Honor for free this weekend on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 from November 9-12.

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