Nazi Zombies WW2 - Pack a Punch

Learn how to access and use the Nazi Zombies WW2 Pack-a-Punch machine.


As veteran Nazi zombie killers will know, unlocking the Pack-a-Punch is essential if you want to increase your chances of survival. For those just now joining the series with Call of Duty: WW2, this machine is used to upgrade your weapons, allowing them to deal more damage. In Nazi Zombies WW2, Pack-a-Punch is now called the Weapon Upgrade Station, and requires you to jump through a few hoops before you can use it.

Nazi Zombies WW2 – Pack-a-Punch

Unlocking the Pack-a-Punch in Nazi Zombies WW2 isn’t a straight-forward process as there are a few steps you must complete before you can begin upgrading your weapons. It’s also worth noting that it takes a whopping 5,000 Jolts to activate the Pack-a-Punch, so make sure you’re killing zombies and setting up defences as you go. You will also need to know how to turn on the power before you can get anywhere near the upgrade station.

The Nazi Zombies WW2 Pack-a-Punch can be found by returning to the Village Square and looking for the boarded-up well you exploded when turning on the power. Head down into the sewers and look for the large underground area, here you’ll find the machine (Weapon Upgrade Station) locked behind a cage.

How to Activate the Pack-a-Punch

If you try to interact with the Weapon Upgrade Station before you unlock the cage, you will be forced to fight a massive horde of zombies. To avoid unnecessary fighting, search the room for a button on a gray box with a red light. Pressing this button activates the Disposal Tubes, a handy fast-travel system and the next step in unlocking the Pack-a-Punch.

These tubes can be found:

  • Inside the Command Room
  • Past the Pub in the Tower
  • Inside the Laboratory

Each of the three Disposal Tubes must be used before you are able to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine. The tubes cost 250 Jolts to ride, so make sure you’ve got a good supply of credits as you will need 750 Jolts to ride them all.

The tubes will deliver you back to the center area in the sewer, making it a handy way of returning to the point where you can upgrade your weapons. Once all three Disposal Tubes have been used, you can finally finish unlocking the Pack-a-Punch machine and begin upgrading your weapons.

With the Nazi Zombies WW2 Pack-a-Punch unlocked, you should have no trouble surviving through some of the later waves of zombies.

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