Criminal! LA Noire Won't Fit On Your Nintendo Switch

If you want to purchase the digital download version of Rockstar's crime noir you'll have to purchase a microSD card.


Since the reveal that LA Noire would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, many have wondered just how one of Rockstar's open world games would perform on the platform. Well, it looks like we'll all have to navigate storage issues first before even taking on our first case. The digital Switch version of LA Noire won't fit on your console and even the cartridge version requires a 14GB download to play.

The digital download of LA Noire is 29GB, Eurogamer reports, and the Switch only comes with roughly 26GB of space if you haven't put anything on it already. Thus, you're going to need to purchase a miscroSD to add additional space to your Switch or go for the slightly more manageable cartridge version. If you play your Switch pretty often, and signs point to "yes, you do", you'll still have to delete a few things to make room for the 14GB of required files.

As more major triple-A titles make their way to the Switch, storage will continue to be an issue. This is a good problem to have, for sure, but you'll probably want to start looking at some microSD investments in the near future.

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