Destiny 2 - Benedict 99-40 Location

Where to find the Emperor’s agent, Benedict 99-40.


You’ve finished the Destiny 2 Leviathan raid, claimed your rewards, and revelled in your new strength, but now you need to find someone called Benedict 99-40 in order to continue the World-Eater quest. He’s been right under your nose all along, so don’t be too surprised when you come face-to-face with Benedict 99-40.

Benedict 99-40’s Location in Destiny 2

After you finish the raid and receive the next step in your quest, you will need to locate Benedict 99-40, to do this, simply head back to The Traveler. Open the Director and select the Traveler and when you land at the Tower, turn right and head past Banshee-44, the Gunsmith.

Head to where Ikora stands in the Tower and look for the corridor beneath Hawthorne.

Progress down the stairs, toward Ikora and Hawthrone in the Bazaar. Once you reach Ikora, turn right and head into the corridor below Hawthorne, then take an immediate right down some stairs. Continue down the winding stairs until you reach a little room with a lone sweeper bot. It is here that you will find Benedict 99-40.

Head into the room with the Sweeper Bot and confront Benedict 99-40.

Benedict 99-40 is like all the other vendors in the tower, except he’s an undercover agent of Emperor Calus. The Calus tokens you were rewarded for completing events in the raid can be given to Benedict in return for Leviathan raid engrams. These engrams will contain either a raid weapon or raid armor, with the potential to include shaders. While it might seem like you only get Tokens from the raid, there are actually a lot of rewards in a hidden area of the raid. Be sure to check out our Leviathan raid chest locations guide so you don't miss any!

You will need to return to Benedict 99-40 in order to continue parts of the World-Eater quest, so keep in mind his location. If you forget where to find Benedict 99-40, you can also open your map and locate his marker. Between the battles, make sure to check out our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for the latest hints and tips.

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