Story Of Seasons: Trio Of Towns Gets New Neighbors DLC Pack

The upcoming Trio of Towns update gives players some cool freebies and the chance to grab the New Neighbors DLC.


Fall is a time of changing leaves and bountiful harvests — and for video game fans, nothing quite satisfies those zen fall feelings like Story of Seasons, the game series previously known as Harvest Moon. The latest game in the series, the Nintendo 3DS entry subtitled Trio of Towns, has been treating players to its modern take on the simple farm life genre since its Western release back in February, and for all of the players still farming and romancing their way toward relaxed gaming enlightenment, developer Marvelous is preparing to roll out a new update and an all-new paid DLC release called the New Neighbors Pack.

Releasing next week on November 9, the New Neighbors Pack DLC will include loads of new content for Trio of Towns fans, including new friendship events, NPC dialog, winter outfits, and even new story content. The DLC also throws two new romantic candidates into the mix: Stephanie, whom players might recognize as the MC from the game's contest, and Woofio, the contest judge dressed in a dog suit.

Alongside the new DLC pack is the game's latest update, which should garner some interest from fans who aren't too keen on paid content. The new update will include the usual fixes to bugs and various gameplay improvements, and on top of these, players will be able to check out four new outfits, including costumes based on Frey and Lest's appearances in Rune Factory 4. Beyond this, Marvelous will also be releasing a new 3DS Home theme based on Trio of Towns, which will be available separately for purchase for $1.99.

If you're a 3DS player that hasn't yet picked up Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, now may just be the time. For a more in-depth look at everything the game has to offer, check out Modojo's review of the game, as well as the teaser trailer which we've featured above.

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