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Destiny 2 - PC Raid Release Time

Get your raid team ready, because the PC raid release is almost here.


The Leviathan raid released a few weeks ago on console, and ever since then, PC players have been counting down the days until they can dive into the first ever Destiny 2 raid. Now, with the raid mere moments away, Bungie has been awfully quiet about when, exactly, it will be launching.

PC Raid Release Time

Back in their October 19th, “This Week at Bungie”, Bungie was kind enough to give PC players a glimpse into the future of their version of Destiny 2, and part of this sneak peek included the Leviathan release date: Wednesday, November 11. Since then, no word has surfaced about the raid, outside of Bungie mentioning that Challenge Modes have been added.

This has left the community at large wondering what time the PC raid will release, and unfortunately, there’s no answer out there. However, what I can offer you is my best guess, which is 10AM PDT. Why would this be the PC raid release time, I hear you ask? Well, this is based entirely on Bungie’s decision to launch every major content drop at that time.

Destiny 2 launched on PC at 10AM, the Leviathan raid launched at 10AM on console, so it stands to reason that the PC raid release time will occur at 10AM PDT – which, as of this writing, is pretty soon. For those who aren’t currently living in North America, you might find yourself raiding at some ungodly hour of the morning.

Either way, right now, this is simply an educated guess. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if this isn’t the case. In the meantime, get a head-start by reading our Leviathan raid guide.

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