Bethesda Announces New Elder Scrolls: Legends Return To Clockwork City Expansion

New story missions, new cards, and two new card mechanics are landing in the latest Elder Scrolls: Legends story expansion.


Not too much time has passed since Bethesda and Dire Wolf Digital launched the Elder Scrolls: Legends Heroes of Skyrim expansion, a new card-based venture that introduced over 150 new cards into the popular CCG title. Since its release back in late June, players have been introduced to a number of new abilities and mechanics that have helped round out the TESL formula. Fortunately, that's not where the story ends, as Bethesda has recently announced the upcoming release of a new story-based expansion to The Elder Scrolls: Legends called Return to Clockwork City.

As with the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion that came before it, this latest story expansion will provide players with a fresh new narrative taking place in the Elder Scrolls: Legends universe. This time, the story centers around the efforts of "tinkerer god" Sotha Sil, who crafted for himself a sanctuary from which he might bend the world to his will. Toward that end, Sotha Sil created the Clockwork City, a massive Dwemer-like labyrinth, before being betrayed and murdered by a fellow god. Since then, Clockwork City has become home to new creatures called Fabricants and Factotums, powerful beings that blend biological life with Dwemer technology.

The Return to Clockwork City expansion will introduce players to 55 new cards, some of which are based on the new Fabricant and Factotum factions. In addition to new cards, the latest expansion will also include two new card mechanics in the form of the Treasure Hunter and Assemble mechanics. Treasure Hunter cards will provide buffs for specific future card draws so long as the Treasure Hunter card is in play, while Assemble cards provide buffs to themselves as well as similar cards in both the player's hand and deck. To learn more about these options, be sure to check out our guide to the new cards and new mechanics in Return to Clockwork City.

It won't be long before players can get a hold of the latest Elder Scrolls: Legends story expansion, as Return to Clockwork City is slated to release on November 30. Like with the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion, each of the three acts can be purchased with in-game gold or bought outright for $19.99.

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