Chess Ultra Slides Onto Nintendo Switch Next Week

After a 1500 year wait, chess is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch.


Though few would consider the game to be retro, chess is one of those timeless and enduring games that continue to hold appeal no matter when or where they're played. With that in mind, chess on Nintendo's ultra-portable Switch hardware certainly makes for an ideal match. For now, there's no digital chess variant available on the Switch; that's soon to change, however, as Ripstone, the publisher behind the well-received Wii U and 3DS title Pure Chess, is bringing the classic strategy game to Nintendo's hybrid console in new title Chess Ultra.

As has been the case in many digital chess games before it, Chess Ultra is set to include a selection of different boards, environments, and pieces, including an interesting-sounding "Fire and Brimstone" set where pieces can catch fire during gameplay. Ten different AI levels will be included, with the upper tier difficulties surely aiming to please even the hardest of hardcore chess fans, and different time controls will be available for those who like to add a bit of zest to their chess gameplay.

Chess Ultra will also include cross-network play between the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC, meaning true enthusiasts will be able to stay connected with their friends and bitter opponents no matter how they choose play. Players will also be able to enjoy Ripstone's own official tournaments as well as a curated selection of over 80 different chess puzzles.

As for bragging rights, the Switch version of Chess Ultra will have one Switch-exclusive feature in the form of the game's new Cross-Table mode, which allows two players to set the Switch system down between them and use separate Joy-Con controllers to move around their individual pieces. Though unlikely to blow players' minds, it's still a nice feature that shows Ripstone's eagerness to take advantage of the Switch hardware.

Strategy fans and ancient game enthusiasts won't have to wait long to get their hands on Chess Ultra, as the game is slated to launch on the Nintendo eShop Thursday, November 2. The game will retail for $12.49.

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