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For those of you who haven't yet heard, Modojo is currently in sort of a transitional stage with regard to our new merger with Shacknews. Bolstered by the power and efficacy of the Shack brand, Modojo @ Shacknews is now the official Shacknews hub for all things mobile and portable gaming-related. We've got more details for the readers who would like to know more, including a brief introduction by yours truly, but moving forward, all of Modojo's great content will be hosted right here at Shacknews.

Luckily, this doesn't spell an end for the song of the Modojo Rewind; nay, many bars yet still remain unsung, and many more verses have yet to be composed. This week we regale our readers with numerous tales regarding all things iPhone X, since Apple is now only one week away from the launch of their latest flagship. We've also got word of a few new mobile and Switch releases on the horizon, the fall of an unusual mobile accessory, and some fun news for Nintendo fans.

Remove your helm and relax your mind in preparation for this week's Modojo Rewind.

Prepare For Imminent Release

Apple fans have been hotly anticipating the company's latest flagship phone, the iPhone X, and are ready to splurge their hard-earned dollars for the right to proudly wield the most powerful iPhone ever. Apple's latest handset has some big ideas behind it, and that's to say nothing of the device's seriously cutting-edge tech, like it's signature facial recognition hardware.

Apparently this new technology is very difficult to produce, and rumors circling the internet this week seem to indicate that Apple may have relaxed the requirements on the device's Face ID accuracy in order to meet supply demands by launch date. Apple denies this allegation, so it's not something we can confirm, but luckily, most iPhone users won't care how the system works so long as it works.

Those who have already sorted out their pre-order plans for the iPhone X won't have to wait long to get their devices. For those who wish to buy the iPhone X in a brick-and-mortar store, Apple recommends showing up early. Very early, actually. And for everyone else, we've got all the necessary information on where and when to pre-order the iPhone X featured in one convenient location.

Blood, Gore, Horror, Failure, And Cuteness

One of the more interesting games we've been following is Runic Rampage, a visceral action RPG hack-and-slash title from developer Crescent Moon Games. Runic Rampage walks the line between robust action RPG gameplay and simplicity, making it sort of an ideal choice for the conversion from PC to mobile. The developer has been working on the latest versions of the game for a few months now, and after a recent approval from Apple, Runic Rampage is ready to release for iOS devices next week.

Halloween is nearly here, and for many players, this holiday swells up the urge to dive into all things horror and occult. While there haven't been any big-name horror releases in recent weeks, we did hear about the horror adventure game Death Mark, which is moving beyond the likes of the PlayStation Vita to land on PlayStation 4 and Switch sometime next year.

In keeping with this theme of horror and the macabre, we've heard of the recent troubles surrounding Spectacles, the quirky smartglasses from Snapchat developer Snap Inc. It turns out that a considerable number of Spectacles are sitting unsold in Chinese warehouses, a fact that looks to spell certain doom for the video-enabled shades. This isn't surprising; the glasses hit all the usual marks for gradual failure, including rapidly-disappearing hype, unfortunate design, questionable utility, and high price. Though they were a cool idea, and one that might work at around a third the original asking price, we're not particularly sad to see Spectacles fade into obscurity.

On relatively higher notes, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has received feedback from fans regarding the new invite-only EX Raid Battle system, and the company has promised that it's using that feedback to make some changes in the right direction. Also, Animal Crossing fans have a new mobile experience to check out in the form of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Nintendo's latest venture into the realm of mobile gaming. Last but certainly not least, Nintendo has also just today released a little game Switch fans might have heard about called Super Mario Odyssey, and in celebration, the company has released an all-new 8-bit themed Super Mario sticker pack for iOS devices.

That's it for this week's Modojo Rewind. From here on out, stay on top of the mobile and portable gaming realm by keeping your browser tuned right here to Shacknews.

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