Apple Recommends In-Store iPhone X Buyers Show Up Early

In-store inventories of the iPhone X will be slim, meaning interested buyers should consider showing up early on launch day.


Apple's latest flagship device, the iPhone X, is just one week away from its release all across the globe, and eager iOS fans are already preparing to do what must be done in order to get their hands on the device. There's good news for those who don't like online shopping: Apple has confirmed that the company will be sending several of the new iPhone models to local Apple Stores, meaning interested buyers will be able to grab one on the day the phone launches. However, it seems like there won't be a tremendous amount of supply, and Apple is now recommending that customers show up early to have better chances of buying one of the in-stock phones.

In addition to confirming the limited supplies that fans were likely already expecting, Apple also outlined some of the pricing options available for the phone. Users will be able to scoop up the base iPhone X handset for a one-time $999 price before tax. Alternatively, buyers can pay off their phones in monthly payments of $49.91 through Apple's iPhone Upgrade System, which includes AppleCare+ benefits. Using this pricing model, the phone should be paid off in about 22 months. Lastly, users can get some trade-in value for their old phones, for which Apple says the company will pay up to $375 in credit toward a new purchase, though that number will obviously fluctuate depending on the device being traded in.

Apple has also detailed some of their new iPhone X accessories, including the usual types of leather and silicon cases available in a variety of different colors, each of which costing $39. There will also be an Apple-branded iPhone X leather folio available for $99 dollars. Of course, those that like their phone cases on the less-expensive and more-stylish side can always check online for new cases, or browse some of the major styles and brands we've featured on our list of the best iPhone 8 cases, as many manufacturers produce similar models for the iPhone X.

For more information on how to skip lengthy lines and unecessary social interaction, check out our guide on when and where to pre-order the iPhone X.

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