Cliff Bleszinski Considering Bringing LawBreakers To The Nintendo Switch

It might not be the highest priority for Boss Key Productions, but at least they're thinking about it.


The Nintendo Switch is a popular and surprisingly powerful piece of hardware that's managed to build steady growth since its release earlier this year. Aside from first-party titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2, the system is also soon to play host to both the 2016 reboot of Doom as well as the upcoming title Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Both of these games are fast-paced and demanding shooters, which may lead players to wonder why the Switch doesn't have its own version of LawBreakers yet.

Back in July, LawBreakers' lead designer Dan Nanni gave Switch owners the answer to this question, and it wasn't one they expected. In an interview with Gamingbolt, Nanni said that the primary hurdle with bringing LawBreakers to the Switch was the console's apparent lack of buttons. Naturally, that response doesn't stand up even to weakest of scrutiny. Fortunately, Boss Keys' resident legend Cliff Bleszinski has weighed in on the possibility of bringing the game to Nintendo's hybrid console, and while it seems like a Switch release isn't the studio's highest priority, the developer is at least considering the idea.

Speaking in an interview with Gamespot, Bleszinski expressed admiration for the Nintendo Switch, but stated that an Xbox One port of LawBreakers is likely higher on the studio's to-do list than bringing LawBreakers to Nintendo's hardware.

"We would probably consider the Xbox first, and then we're very much in wait and see mode right now," Bleszinski said. "It is a fine console, the Switch [...] the entire concept of it is just brilliant. Nintendo just really knocked it out of the park with this one."

Giving the notion that LawBreakers could come to the Switch — minding its alleged button deficiency, obviously — it's possible that the game wouldn't be a straightforward port, but could rather be something specially-tailored to Nintendo's hardware with unique functionality or even special gameplay modes.

"If we were to do the Switch, would it be like a rocket arena, 1v1 with nearby people or something like that?" Bleszinski pondered. "I don't know. But if we were to do it, we'd want to switch the game up in a fun and interesting way, that would make itself work with the portability aspect of the console."

There's no firm word on whether or not LawBreakers will come to the Switch or even to the Xbox One, but with the popularity of both systems in mind, and considering Bleszinkski's enthusiasm for Nintendo's hardware, a portable version of the game shouldn't be ruled out just yet. To hear more about what Bleszinski has to say about LawBreakers, check out his interview with Shacknews at this year's E3.

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