Modojo Rewind: So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Your weekly roundup of the biggest stories in mobile and portable gaming, courtesy of Modojo.


As yet another week draws to a close, the resurgence of the Modojo Rewind becomes inevitable. And though the name may change, the song remains the same. Thankfully, it's a fine tune, and one worthy of reiteration. This time around, entrancing melodies belay the latest efforts from Nintendo and the Switch, all while the refrain warbles softly, conjuring moving images of new mobile titles making their rise just beyond the glowing horizon.

As the horns blare and the drums thump their steady rhythm, free your mind and open your heart to Robomo's anthem — this evening's entertainment is the Modojo Rewind.

Switch Hitters

Modojo never manages to get far without feeling the indefatigable influence of Nintendo, and this past week was no exception. One of the bigger stories to come out of the Big N this week was the new Nintendo Switch firmware update version 4.0.0, which finally introduced the ability for players to capture video footage from their favorite games. It may not be as robust a feature as found on other consoles, and it only works on four specific titles so far, but it's surely a step in the right direction. Along with this new feature, Switch players are also likely to enjoy the system's new user icons as well as ability to transfer their data to other Switch consoles.

This week we've also discovered news of a new mobile projector that's coming to crowdfunding website Indiegogo. While several mobile projectors have entered the market in recent times, the new OJO projector specifically targets the Nintendo Switch userbase, giving players the chance to project their favorite Switch titles on a screen up to 120" in size. Even better, it has HDMI and USB-C connections, so the device works as a projector for other devices like smartphones and laptops as well, and its built-in battery is good for up to four hours' play time.

There's also plenty of Switch game releases both new and noteworthy: we've got an all-new review for Sine Mora EX on the Nintendo Switch, an odd sort of shoot-'em-up title that blends classically-styled action together with a perplexing and highly adult-oriented plot; fans may have heard that Nintendo is more open to the idea of bringing mature content to the Switch, and toward that front, id Software is releasing the 2016 reboot of Doom on the company's hybrid console later this year; lastly, we've got word straight from Square Enix producer Masaru Oyamada on why the Secret of Mana remake isn't coming to the Nintendo Switch.

And, just in case ever-growing game install sizes are becoming a problem for owners, we've got a fresh new guide detailing everything players need to know about using multiple microSD cards with the Nintendo Switch

A Mobile Effort

Thankfully, this week was no slouch when it came to interesting mobile news. Among one of the more unexpected headlines is a new Halloween-themed collaboration between Angry Birds Evolution and world-reknowned British metal group Iron Maiden. Called the Angry Birds Evolution Tribute to Iron Maiden, the new update sees a metal-fueled overhaul for the game as well as the addition of Iron Maiden mascot Eddie as a powerful new bird. Even better, Eddie has four evolved forms, each of which based on one of Iron Maiden's most popular albums.

PC players and mobile enthusiasts alike have reason to be excited over the third entry to The Banner Saga, the popular and remarkably-grim tactical RPG effort from developer Stoic. The studio has released a new trailer for The Banner Saga 3 that focuses on the game's art, and needless to say, things are looking as polished as ever. Also, Pokemon fans can rejoice in the knowledge that third-generation Hoenn-region creatures have arrived in Pokemon Go via the game's latest update, and players should be able to find them in-game as of today.

That's it for the Modojo Rewind, folks. Moving forward, be sure to keep your browser aimed right here at Shacknews for the latest news, reviews, and guides all across the gaming kindgom, be it mobile, portable, PC, home console, or anything in between.

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