Voice Chat Live In Latest Fortnite Battle Royale Update

PC players have early access to voice chat and console players will have the feature soon.


The Fornite Battle Royale development team dropped a new video update today and discussed the latest patch, the future of the mode's weapons, and more. If you've already downloaded the latest patch on PC, voice chat has been enabled and console players will have access in the near future.

With the addition of Duos and Squads, voice chat is a major feature that the community has been looking forward to. The 1.74 patch includes voice chat for PC and the only hint in the video for Xbox One and PS4 players is that it is "coming soon". 

Weapons and consumables are a big focus for the team going forward. A new consumable that increases health and shield over time is being prototyped and weapon accuracy is being modified in different ways. The assault rifle is being worked on and the SMG, which is largely overlooked, may receive an overhaul in the future to make it more valuable for players. The developers also shared that account progression and character customization were next on the blueprint. 

Long-term prototypes include a potential shift to projectiles in the engine, which would likely make the experience feel a lot more similar to PUBG. Right now, sniper rifles use projectiles so, when you fire, you can see the bullet travel and drop. All other weapons use hit scan, which is simply a calculation of whether or not a target is hit.

This time around, there were no mentions of additional methods for addressing cheaters. We have no doubt that they're working hard to keep the community fun and competitive, though. 

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