Rock'em, Sock'em Robots: The Truth Behind the Mecha Fight

The reality about the giant robot fight is slightly disappointing...


For over two years, people all over the world have been waiting to see the first giant robot fight. The US challenged Japan to the brawl and the two engineering teams got to work preparing for the match. Last week the fight was streamed live but, unfortunately, it turns out there were some extensive edits involved.

Stifling the event's excitement just a wee bit, Motherboard reports that the giant robot fight was filmed over a number of days and edited down. The fights themselves were real, but these giant robots needed repairs in-between conflicts. The match was accused of being scripted and one particular moment where a section of scaffolding falls over and endangers onlookers certainly seemed to be set up.

"The duel was filmed over a number of days, but all of the repair time was cut out," Oehrlein said in an email. "The action was real and we aimed to create the most entertaining fight possible. We're letting the video speak for itself!"

Despite a couple disappointments, this was still a fairly cool idea. The mobility of the giant robots leaves a lot to be desired but, hopefully, engineers will continue to improve things. Maybe even get some Deepmind AI involved.

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