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Date Your Really Hot Weapons In Kitfox Games's Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon is the shack-and-slash you didn't know you wanted.


Coming hot on the heels of the intriguing and polarizing indie dating simulator Dream Daddy, a new game is aiming to fill our romance meters. Kitfox Games, the indie developer behind The Shrouded Isle and the Kickstarted Moon Hunters, has announced Boyfriend Dungeon where you'll be romancing beautiful people that are also your weapons.

On the surface, Boyfriend Dungeon is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler filled with the staples you'd expect: A plethora of weapons, loot, traps, etc. Romance is not something typically highlighted in this genre and Kitfox Games is not only marrying the concept with the genre, it's explicitly aiming to supply an inclusive and tasteful take on gender and sexuality in Boyfriend Dungeon, something the gaming industry (and others) could certainly use a lot more of.

From the trailer, the art design and music make Boyfriend Dungeon feel like a charming blend of Disgaea, Persona IV, and any of the modern indie dungeon hack-and-slashes. The game is listed with a 2019 release date currently, but that could simply be a placeholder as the team works toward completion. Check out the trailer below which features original composition by Marskye with vocals from Madeleine McQueen.

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