The Flame In The Flood Enjoys Its Best Sales On Nintendo Switch

Day One sales on the Switch eclipsed all other platforms for the roguelike survival adventure game.


Developed by The Molasses Flood and published by Curve Digital, The Flame In The Flood is a rogue-like survival adventure that has players traversing an apocalyptic flood with their pup companion. It's been released on Xbox One and PS4 but its recent release on Nintendo Switch has eclipsed them all with the best Day One sales performance on consoles thus far.

Simon Byron, the publishing director for Curve Digital, spoke with MCV about the release on Switch and shared that it beat Day One sales on all other platforms. As noted in the above tweet, it's also resulted in a lot of hype for their next game, Bomber Crew.

"It’s a real relief having our personal enthusiasm for the Switch being backed up with sales success," he says. "It’s been incredibly frustrating only having anecdotal evidence about the buzz for Switch titles, so we’ve been genuinely desperate to get a game out there so we could get some hard data ourselves."

Byron adds there was quite a buzz in the office as everyone waited to see the numbers. He had a figure in mind and it was a third over that. Fellow indie Stardew Valley is experiencing similar success, topping Nintendo's sales charts. With continued performances like this, Nintendo is headed to a software milestone and the incredible boost indies are witnessing will be explored throughout the life of the Switch for sure. Sony Music Entertainment has already witnessed the magic and is using their new publishing label to bring indie titles to PS4 and Nintendo Switch alike. It's wild that the Switch has ended up with such a dense software ecosystem but here we are.

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