Outfox's Gaming Network is Cooking Up Some PUBG Chicken Dinner

Don't go it alone. Outfox doesn't want lag be the reason you don't get your chicken dinner in PUBG.


When it comes to playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the most skilled player with the most meticulous plans can get wrecked by poor PC performance. The slightest stutter can leave you wide open and you'll be begrudgingly starting a new match as you try to be the last man standing, which is why we put together a guide. Sometimes you PC's network connection is the culprit and there are services available to help overcome pitfalls. We chatted with one, Outfox, about their service and successes.

What is Outfox? The website describes it as an optimized gaming network that routes your traffic in order to provide the best performance possible. PUBG is all the rage right now, but Outfox claims to help optimize many other games that require smooth performance and quick reflexes like Rainbox Six: Siege, League of Legends, Overwatch, Street Fighter V, and more. 

"Outfox is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in internet technology," says Elizabeth Kintzele, Outfox's VP of Sales and Director of Marketing. "We understand the Internet, which means we know it wasn't built to handle the challenges of today's modern world. We know, because we've been there since the start. Our founders believe everyone should have access to the best Internet experience possible, and we've been investing heavily in smart and innovative people to make this vision a reality for the past 20 years."

To express how Outfox works in the simplest way, Kintzele says to think of it like the "Waze of the internet." Waze is a popular navigation tool that helps to avoid traffic jams and accidents. "Just like the roads, network traffic can be congested," she adds. "Unlike a driver, your ISP is not motivated to find you the fastest path. They are motivated by costs, finding the path that will positively impact their bottom line. With Outfox we have dedicated dev ops and network engineers who are constantly monitoring and evaluating the best routes for your traffic. We will pick the best path to ensure gamers have optimal ping, speed and stability."

Outfox isn't free. "We are like a toll lane to gamers where milliseconds matter paying a little bit more for a better experience is worth it," Kintzele says. There's a 14-day trial available on the website and, during that time, the service will be fairly transparent about whether it is helping you or not. If the Outfox connection isn't an improvement, the service gives you the option to connect to Outfox or use your standard connection. The experiences of others seem to hint at a solid chance at an improved performance, though. For PUBG specifically, 75% of North American and European users of Outfox have experience improved connections. For all supported titles, 65% of North Americans have experienced improvements.

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