Support World Mental Health Today With Purchase Of Hellblade

Ninja Theory will be donating all proceeds to Rethink Mental Health in celebration of World Mental Health Day.


Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a truly disturbing action/adventure that put mental instability at the forefront in a way that didn't cheapen the experience. Instead, Ninja Theory produced a game many relate to, something they put on display in a new trailer. The Accolades trailer includes images taken with the game's photo mode but also includes testimony from those that have played and found the journey to be relatable. The game has done well in sales and, in celebration of World Mental Health Day, the developers will be donating any of today's sales on PC or PS4 to mental health charity Rethink.

Mental health is a tough subject to engage with and games in the past that have incorporated it into gameplay have occasionally ended up with tasteless gamification that doesn't really add to the conversation. Ninja Theory consulted with a mental health firm and specialist during the development of Hellblade, hoping not to end up with a similar product. The result is something incredibly powerful and it is no surprise that the company announced they'd be supporting World Mental Health Day in such a way:

"Rethink Mental Illness exists to support and campaign for those severely affected by mental illness. They help millions of people affected by mental illness by challenging attitudes and changing lives. We are delighted to be supporting this important work with this donation."

The mental health aspect isn't all that the game stands on, either. Ninja Theory crafted a brilliantly paced game with tense combat and incredible visuals. Hellblade also serves as the debut of the company's "indie triple-A" sensibilities built on high-production values and creative freedom all in the lower-priced package of $29.99. If you've yet to experience it, grab it and check out our spoiler-free tips for survival.

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