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Shadow of War - Zombie Commercial Theme Song

Wondering who sings the "Zombie" cover song in the Shadow of War commercial?


Middle Earth: Shadow of War is nearly here, and the hype train for its release is in full swing. Part of that hype is a television commercial that shows some Shadow of War gameplay set to the song “Zombie” which was originally performed by the Cranberries. The version in the commercial is not by the Cranberries, though, which has Shadow of War fans digging to find out who sings it.

Shadow of War - Zombies Commercial Theme Song

I saw this commercial several days ago and began watching YouTube videos and browsing through iTunes trying to figure out what it was. I couldn’t find an exact edit like the commercial for Shadow of War, but I believe the version that you’re seeing is by Missio. That opinion seems to be shared by most who listen to the Missio version but, again, it’s heavily edited.

While I personally have a soft spot for the original Cranberries’ version having grown up with it, the Missio cover is growing on me as I listen to it more. In fact, I’ve probably got 20 plays on it already. Still, I’d love to see the exact edit that made its way into the Shadow of War commercial released with the soundtrack.

With the release of Middle Earth: Shadow of War imminent, crank that Zombie commercial up and listen to the Missio version on loop. While you’re doing that, browse through the Shacknews Shadow of War walkthrough and guide for all you need for your upcoming journey.


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