Hearthstone Celebrates Hallow's End with Nemsy Necrofizzle Warlock Hero

Gather around the Hearthstone fireside, because there's a new Warlock hero in it for you if you do.


With the Halloween season approaching, Blizzard is looking to get into the spirit of Hallow's End with a new hero reveal for Hearthstone. The new alternate Warlock has been revealed and it's the diminutive gnome Nemsy Necrofizzle.

The conditions for getting Nemsy are simple. Hearthstone players simply need to attend an official Fireside Gathering and play a Fireside Brawl. The full list of Fireside Gatherings can be found on Battle.net, so grab the nearest phone or tablet with Hearthstone installed and head on over, starting October 17. While the Hallow's End Fireside Gatherings are set to end on November 5, Nemsy will continue to be available beyond that date.

What's particularly amusing about Nemsy's addition is that Blizzard has hinted at her presence for the past year and a half. Observant Hearthstone players can find her riding atop the 7-mana Bog Creeper. Truly a shame that this minion will rotate out of Standard in 2018.

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