Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Falls into an Ultra Wormhole

A new video for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon reveals some new information of what players will encounter, including a whole new variety of Ultra Beast.


Remember the Ultra Wormholes from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. These are going to become a bigger part of the adventure in the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, with The Pokemon Company revealing new details on Thursday morning.

Players will get a chance to visit new worlds, riding either Solgaleo or Lunala (depending on the version of the game) to warp through the Ultra Wormholes and challenge new Pokemon. There's also a tie to the story, as players will visit Ultra Magalopolis, where Necrozma has stolen the world's light.

There are also some new adversaries hiding behind the Ultra Wormholes, including a mysterious team known as the Ultra Recon Squad. Dulse and Zossie will take the lead in Ultra Sun, while players will confront Soliera and Phyco in Ultra Moon. Regardless of which team players face, they'll find themselves in a sticky situation when they face the new Ultra Beast, the Poison-type UB Adhesive.

Also, remember September's Nintendo Direct? There are new details on UB Burst and UB Assembly, the former of which will come to Pokemon Ultra Soon and the latter of which will come to Pokemon Ultra Moon. UB Burst is a Fire/Ghost-type, whose head is "made up of a collection of curious sparks." UB Assembly is a Rock/Steel-type and is referred as "a collection of many life-forms."

For more on the Ultra Wormholes, check out the video below. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will come to Nintendo 3DS on November 17.

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