Google Courageously Removes Headphone Jack in Pixel 2

Google is handing Apple its next clever marketing ploy on a silver platter by removing the headphone jack from the Pixel 2 after making fun of the iPhone for the same thing.


The constant battle for smartphone dominance between Google and Apple is about to get a bit more comical. After Apple adopted a much-criticized form factor for the iPhone 7 that saw the removal of the headphone jack, Google is following suit with the new Pixel 2 that will be revealed tomorrow.

In August of 2016, it was reported that the then-upcoming iPhone 7 would be removing the headphone port and, despite the fact that the device would go on to sell on the usual massive scale of previous Apple devices, people heavily criticized and mocked the move. Not only were consumers and analysts taking jabs at the headphone jack's removal and the new Airpod headphones, Google joined the fray with this jab in a trailer for the original Pixel:

Reported by CultofMac via VentureBeat, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will both be void of a headphone jack. This will force users to utilize a USB-C cable or Bluetooth and, if Google introduces an Airpod-like pair of headphone for the Pixel, Apple and their consumers will likely have a field day.

Courtesy of the report, the Pixel 2 will be releasing on October 19 for $649/$749 (64GB/128GB) with the XL version following nearly a month after on November 15 for $849/$949. Be sure to tune into Google's event tomorrow for further details. The standard Pixel 2 is being manufactured by HTC, a company that has an even more intimate relationship with Google now, and the XL will be made by LG.

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