The Cartridge Family 007: A Look Back: Halo 3, SNES Memories, and Cuphead

Hop in our time machine as we remember the good ol’ days. Halo 3, the original release of the SNES, Cuphead and much more!


We love new games here at The Cartridge Family. New games are more different than new anything. New books don’t age the same way games do. Even movies, which are the closest analog in this case, don’t share that same sense of this is what’s happening right now in this industry. And for that, we love them.

Sometimes, though, its really fun to look back on the good ol’ days and today that’s what we’re doing. In this episode we’ll go over the latest headlines in gaming before chatting about what Halo 3 (released 10 years ago this month) meant to us way back when. We’ll discuss Cuphead, an homage to cartoons from the 1930s, since John and I have been playing it. We’ll get Buffa in on the fun as we discuss the SNES Classic Edition’s Launch, and what the original hardware release meant to us as younger folk. He and Vin had the pleasure of attending the launch event in NYC too, so we’ll hear all about the antics that ensued that night. We wrap things up by learning what the original owner wrote inside the booklet of Buffa’s used copy of NBA Showdown for SNES.

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