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Stardew Valley Is Ripe For Nintendo Switch Launch, Release Date Imminent

The indie farm sim has gone gold for the Nintendo Switch.


Indie farming sim Stardew Valley has the feel of a game that would fit perfectly on the Nintendo Switch and owners of the hybrid console have been waiting for release ever since it was confirmed to be getting a Switch release. The port was submitted for testing in August and has now received the Nintendo stamp-of-approval, so the release date announcement should be right around the corner.

The addictive sim skyrocketed to popularity when it originally launched and surpassed one million units very quickly. There's a massive co-operative multiplayer update coming in early 2018 that will give the game new life and potentially coincide with the Nintendo Switch port's launch. Whether or not the port includes the co-op update, the game could see similar success to the original's launch.

If farming sims are your thing, another indie offering is in the works and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future as well. Re: Legend will be launching with co-op and maintains a very similar charm to Stardew Valley.

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