Vimeo Acquires Livestream, Launches Own Live Service

Vimeo Live brings a wealth of new content to the Vimeo audience and empowers their creators with some new tools.


Live streaming and subscription services have become the new norm and various entities are making efforts to get involved in some way or another, even with virtual reality as a centerpiece. A major media platform, Vimeo, has made an acquisition that will potentially help to propel them into a prominent HD streaming voice as they launch their new Vimeo Live service.

In a move that Vimeo has told Techcrunch is the largest of its kind in its history, Vimeo has acquired Livestream, a platform that has powered streams for companies like Nike, The New York Times, Tesla, Marvel and many more. The acquisition puts Vimeo's Vimeo Live service in a prime position due to Livestream's partnerships with over 10,000 organizations.

“Ultimately, Vimeo is a creator-first platform and live video is what our creators are asking for – this was the #1 request from our community, and it is critically important for us to deliver on what our community needs, while also ensuring that what we produce is founded in quality and reliability, which is why we’re so proud of Vimeo Live and this acquisition,” says Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud. She adds, “Finally, live video contributes to our goal of offering an end-to-end solution across a creator’s entire video workflow, from broadcasting live events to archiving and hosting videos, to distributing and monetizing them anywhere."

Not only will this deliver a wealth of events to the Vimeo audience, it will empower their creators by giving them the ability to capture, edit, and stream live events. Creators will also be able to earn money from their content and even host live events as well.

There's no explicit effort to bring on content creators specifically focused on gaming, but this new platform could open up the discussion when it comes to esport events, professional talk show-style live streams, and more. 

Vimeo Live is here from Vimeo on Vimeo.

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