Apple Rolls Out Augmented Reality Functionality In Latest iOS Update

Apple users are taking another step toward the augmented future we've dreamed of.


The augmented reality movement will be hitting another gear in the near future. The iPhone X, despite a Pokemon GO dev’s concern that it should do more, will be delivering some interesting and powerful AR potential to a massive audience. Before that, though, Apple has unleashed the foundation for their AR by making it available to iPhone users in the global iOS 11 update.

Reported on TheNewsMinute, the iOS 11 update has been rolled out and includes AR, a new Dock for frequently used apps, a new Files app, and more.

Now that AR functionality is in the hands of Apple users, developers will now be able to gauge what types of experiences work well and shape future plans accordingly. This will likely lead to some trial and error experiments now and, hopefully, provide the iPhone X and future devices with a strong AR ecosystem.

Google is also making waves with AR, having recently revealed the ARCore platform for their large Android hardware family. The competition between the two companies and the occasional experiences from others like Lenovo's Star Wars experience will yield interesting uses of AR and potentially usher us into the AR future Niantic’s CEO envisions.

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